Monthly 1-Day New Moon Broth Fast

by Vanessa Jaich
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Monthly 1-Day New Moon Broth Fast


Join our monthly donation-based new moon day fast. We come together at this powerful time to reset and focus on our intentions for the upcoming month. By doing a 1-day fast we are taking advantage of the moon’s power to help us cleanse the body physically and spiritually. This new moon is an opportunity to shed the old and embrace something new and to connect to the rhythm of nature and her cycles of death and rebirth. We are not separate from this cycle and giving ourselves a break to create more space for new things to come to fruition. You can choose between working with moon tea and a vegan or bone broth for more physical nourishment.

** Once you’ve made the booking you will receive an email confirmation with zoom links and a downloadable fasting guide.

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This 1-day fasting involves eating a full meal on the evening of the new Moon. On the new moon, you can choose an option to fast with moon tea, bone broth, or a vegan broth. All options are very nourishing and will really support the process. You will receive a downloadable fasting guide that will include recipes and a list of ingredients you will need for the fast. There are two zoom sessions that will include an introduction before the fast and a closing session. Each zoom session will open with a gentle guided meditation.


You are welcome to do a water fast and new-moon herbal tea brew. These new moon herbs and rosemary are used in rituals in this powerful lunar phase. This practice entails a water-only fast and sipping new moon tea for a day (24 hours).


Maybe by now, you might be familiar with bone broth benefits. Bone broth is one of the most nutrient-dense, healing foods for the digestive system. It’s rich in nutrients and minerals, full of collagen and gelatin, which nourish the gut, skin, and joints. It’s full of beneficial amino acids. Bone broth helps to prevent gut permeability and it’s a very powerful immune system booster and really easy to digest.


There is a vegan recipe included that contains lots of nutritional goodness that is great for overall health but particularly focuses on plenty of gut-healing properties. Feel free to switch up the recipe and add in any ingredients you like to suit your diet and personal taste preferences.


8:00 – 9:00pm
Opening session

8:00 – 9:00pm
Closing session


“I experienced mental clarity, inspiration, a sense of slowing down, brain fog, and being very much with my inner process. I was so grateful to be held in my process with daily calls and support from Vanessa holding a group of us through our experience.” – Shanti

“I completed my first bone broth fast this weekend. My intention was to reset for Spring, to go forward feeling energised and motivated. This is exactly how I feel today – I really feel amazing! Clear, vibrant, and full of positive energy. Thank you, Vanessa” – Aldene


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