Spring Cleanse Retreat

by Vanessa Jaich

27 April – 29 April 2018

Spring is a time of renewal, new beginnings, growth and creativity. Join me for a weekend designed to cleanse and purify the body. Enjoy a combination of yogic practices, lymph drainage and abdominal massage. Upper Organic will supply a tasty raw food and cold pressed juice detox programme created specifically for your wellness. Indrani is situated in countryside in Belgium, 25 km from Brussels. This retreat is open to anybody, anywhere, irrespective of age and experience. Either join us for full board and accommodation or come in as a day visitor

This Experience Includes

  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Upper Organic Detox juicing
  • Upper Organic Raw food
  • Fermentation workshop
  • Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal massage
  • Spring foraging
  • Relaxing time away in the Belgian countryside

Yoga & Meditation

Each day will start with a 20min meditation followed by a yoga session designed to help increase blood and lymphatic circulation. A second yoga session of the morning will involve a more active yang sequence, concluding with a relaxing yin class in the evening. In these sessions you will learn a detoxifying sequence, how to drain your own lymph and how to strengthen your digestion through yoga.

Upper Organic Raw Food and Juice

The weekend will comprise of tasty raw food and cold-pressed juice detox programme presented by Upper Organic. This is premium raw food and juice that is 100% organic, cold-pressed, plant-based, gluten-free and unpasteurized. No refined sugar, no additives or chemicals, no gmo’s, no soy, no dairy, no gluten. Prepared in a pure and unprocessed way, leaving nutritive power intact! This detox cleanse is specifically created for your wellness: healthier inside and radiant outside.

Culinary Nutrition Workshops

We are offering two culinary nutrition workshops. The first workshop on fermenting where you will learn to make your own sauerkraut, traditionally pickled vegetables for a healthy gut. During our second workshop we will go out and forage for nettles and cleavers. Nettles are an excellent detoxifier for the body and cleavers are well known for supporting the lymphatic system. This workshop will show you many interesting ways in which to incorporate these wonderful medicinal herbs into your diet

Che Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

We will be offering Chi Nei Tsang massage. This massage works gently and directly on the abdominal organs where physical toxins are released from the body, emotional charges are cleared from the organs and tension is unwound from the other parts of the body. This allows the body to return to its natural balance of good health. Chi Nei Tsang’s power is that it reaches the origins of health problems.

The Team

Upper Organic – Food
Upper Organic handcraft lab is located in Waterloo,Belgium. Their premium food and juices are 100% organic, cold-pressed, plant-based, gluten-free and unpasteurized. No refined sugar, no additives or chemicals, no gmo’s, no soy, no dairy, no gluten. Nothing added leaving their nutritive power intact.Prepared in a pure and unprocessed way, leaving the nutritive power intact!

Vanessa – Yoga & Nutrition
Vanessa is a holistic nutrition coach, natural chef and yin yoga teacher dedicated to helping people use food as medicine combined with integrating yoga and meditation techniques for overall wellbeing. She specializes in yin yoga which she has taught for many years.

Sandrine – Yoga
Sandrine loves to teach playful, challenging classes that bring awareness to transitions and links to breath. Yoga has been a key part of her life since 2013, after several years of practice, she felt the desire to teach and share this gift with others.

Paul – Massage
With over 20 years of experience in Thai Massage, Paul learned his trade from old masters. Shifting his focus to abdominal work and the Chinese Abdominal Massage of Chi Nei Tsang, he is dedicated to helping clients release emotional and energy blockages often held in the stomach.

Spring Cleanse Yoga

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