Gut Thrive Workshop

by Vanessa Jaich


Part of Indrani Spring Yoga & Wellness Day Retreat in May, enjoy yoga for your abdomen that can be complemented by a Chi Nei Tsang massage, a lecture on gut healing food recipes in our kitchen for you to try. There are options for both stay-in or day visitor – the choice is yours.

This Experience Includes

  • Early morning meditation
  • Shake it up yoga session
  • Yin/Yang Yoga for Digestive Health
  • Evening soothing Yin yoga
  • Gut Healing culinary nutrition workshop
  • Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal massag
  • Three delicious organic meals
  • Relaxing time away in the Belgian countryside

Day Programme

07.45 – 08.30: Early morning ‘Shake it up’ Yoga Session

This early morning session will introduce you to pranayama techniques focussed on waking up the abdomen. An easy dynamic set of movements will follow that help wake up the body and stimulate the body’s lymphatic system. This includes a short sequence of belly tapping, meridian tapping, shaking and dry brushing.

09.00: Breakfast served

Light Organic vegetarian served.

10.00 – 12.00: Morning Yin/Yang for Digestive Health

This yoga session will comprise of yang yoga poses emphasising active movements that will stretch and tone the digestive system. The yang will be combined with a nourishing yin sequence that will focus on the stomach and spleen meridians to improve digestion.

12.30: Lunch

Organic with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options served.

14:00 – 15.00: Culinary Nutrition Workshop

After lunch you will be offered a culinary nutrition workshop. Starting with a tea ceremony to connect to the 5 senses, the talk/ worksop will provide an introduction to culinary nutrition principles and gut health. The rise in gut-related illness over the past 50 years makes it clear that lifestyle and food choices are affecting our health and we will look at how ways of eating and living in tune with the rhythms of nature can help us. We will end the session by sampling a gut healing food in the context of a mindful eating practice. A group discussion will follow. Each participant will receive a take-away booklet containing the summary of the session topics, the recipes, a sample meal plan and a seasonal vegetable calendar.

16.00 – 18.00: Early Evening Yin Yoga

As an integral part of the nervous system, the gut is especially vulnerable to the presence of stress. The afternoon session will be a yin session aimed at teaching you simple and efficient techniques you can use at home to help relieve some of the stress present in your daily life. We will focus on a sequence concentrated on the kidney and urinary/ bladder meridians to help calm the mind and restore restful sleep. The session will end with a yoga nidra practice that will focus on the abdomen and further deepen your relaxation.

18.30: Dinner served

Organic with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options

Abdomen Massage

During the Gut Thrive Workshop and throughout the broader retreat, you will be able to book a transformative Chi Nei Tsang massage with Paul Brumwell. Paul will be participating in our retreat and will be available for bookings from the 12th – 19th May. Chi Nei Tsang is a highly effective treatment for all sorts of abdominal and digestive problems. By working gently and directly on the abdominal organs physical toxins are released, emotional blockages are cleared and tension in the body is reduced.

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